Billion & Armitage® strives to develop long-term relationships with companies, universities, startups and entrepreneurs with the purpose of developing Intellectual Property that Drives Business®.  Such partnerships allow our attorneys to delve into a client’s business and licensing objectives, thereby saving money, effort and ultimately produces Patents with Purpose®.

Although preparation and prosecution of patents and trademarks is our core business, we engage in many legal activities that strengthen our ability to provide intellectual property that has value and purpose to our clients. Our attorneys draft and negotiate licenses and contracts involving intellectual property and facilitate technology transfer.  We provide litigation support, lead post-allowance proceedings (re-examinations, for example), and conduct due diligence in various scenarios, such as mergers/acquisitions, purchases, sales and valuation.  By understanding how patents and trademarks are valued and treated in the market place, our attorneys draft claims that stand up to legal and market scrutiny.  Further, our business and legal experience  in combination with close client relationships keeps our clients’ IP portfolios in line with and working for their business goals.

Billion & Armitage® provides advanced IP strategy in foreign prosecution by conducting regular firm training in various jurisdictions’ practices throughout the world. We work closely with and develop numerous partnerships with foreign counsel that fits our clients’ technical and legal needs. We engage foreign counsel early and often to discuss strategies on continuation/divisional strategy, utility model patent filings, and examiner interviews, to name a few. Individual attorneys at Billion & Armitage® are assigned jurisdictions to monitor case law and legal updates, providing our clients with the most up to date information in making foreign filing and prosecution decisions.